Construction of a cottage eco-town (Novooleksandrivska TC)

Project Description

Construction of a new cottage eco-town, located 26 km away from the city of Dnipro, in the village of Voloske, Novooleksandrivska ATC.

The cottage settlement construction project provides for the cottages’ construction on individual land plots. At the same time, several housing types are considered:

  • economy class;
  • townhouse;
  • business class

Transport infrastructure:

  • the Dnieper river– 1 km;
  • a local pawed road leads to the land plots;
  • national highway Н-23 – 9 km;
  • international airport «Dnipropetrovsk» – 21 km;
  • the city of Dnipro – 26 km;
  • transfer to the Voloske village from Dnipro.

Cooperation mechanism

  • land plot sale is possible;
  • share participation.

Project Initiator

Novooleksandrivsʹka territorial community

Project duration

12 months

Project objectives

Satisfying the region population demand in a comfortable and affordable suburban housing.

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 16 ha (area is divided into 91 land plots (ranging in size ≈ 0.15 ha);

Special purpose: for construction and maintenance of the residential house;

Cadastral number: is assigned

Steward: private person.

requires design and will be determined by the project according to the necessary volumes of gas, electricity, water and sewage facilities; it is possible to connect to gas, electricity, water and sewage (communications supply to the land plots is planned from the village).

Additional information

Project Benefits

  • convenient location: the cottage eco-town settlement is located outside the large metropolis – 26 km from the Dnipro city;
  • infrastructure advantages will allow to use the potential of a suburban housing estate for personal space comfortable organization (protected territory, video surveillance around the perimeter, territory patrolling, personal parking);
  • private house isolation eliminates the possibility of unnecessary noise;
  • absence of undesirable neighborhood;
  • environmentally friendly living conditions;
  • personal land plot allows to implement any landscape ideas in an individual style.

Economic indicators are calculated depending on the chosen type of cottage settlement.

Today, suburban individual housing is becoming increasingly popular. According to opinion polls, 53% of Ukrainian citizens chose to have their own home in the country instead of an apartment in an apartment building.

According to the real estate leading experts estimates, suburban housing market is the most promising in Ukraine. Experts say that this market is entering a new development stage – from «consumer» it turns into «supply market».

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