Construction of a multifunctional trade and business complex (Kryvorizka TC)

Project Description

Construction of a new multifunctional complex with a business center and an extensive infrastructure, as well as a comprehensive reconstruction of the territory.

Transport infrastructure:

  • regional highway Р-74 – 4,2 km, national highway Н-11 – 20 km;
  • junction loading and passenger railway station «Rokovataya» – 2,8 km, loading and passenger railway station «Vecherniy Kut» – 6,4 km;
  • «Kryvyi Rih» airport 36,7 km;
  • the Saksahan river- 0,1 km, the Inhulets river – 26 km;
  • the city of Dnipro – 146 km.

Cooperation mechanism

  • share participation;
  • land lease.

Project Initiator

Public utility provider «City development institution Kryvyi Rih»

Project duration

2 years

Project objectives

  • making a profit by leasing/selling space to business entities;
  • expansion of business opportunities and the ability to find new partners;
  • synergistic effect from the interaction of companies operating in the business center;
  • profit from doing business on premises;
  • business infrastructure development in the city;
  • creation of new workplaces;
  • increasing tax revenues to the community budget;
  • improvement of the adjacent territory.

Project indicators

Required investments: $≈ $ 6,67 mln (economic indicators of the project will depend on the type of construction chosen and the stages of implementation).

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: total area of the territory including green space ≈ 6 ha; land plot area for construction – 5,5 thous. m²;

Special purpose: for the construction and maintenance of trade buildings; for placing a shopping center and a hypermarket;

Cadastral number: is assigned

Steward: Kryvyi Rih city council.

Engineering infrastructure header

Водоснабжение, Электроснабжение

utility systems are linked up with land plot (water supply and disposal, power supply)

Additional information

Structural benefits of project implementation:

  • Pokrovsky district of Kryvyi Rih is one of the largest districts of the city with a population of about 132 thous. people, the area of ​​the district is 5953 ha.
  • Solvent population;
  • The economic potential of the region is made up of 12 large industrial enterprises, including:OJSC “Central Mining and Processing Plant”, PJSC “Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Plant”, OJSC EVRAZ Sukha Balka.
  • The number of people employed in large industrial enterprises is 17 thousand people.
  • The number of people employed in small and medium-sized businesses is 2.5 thousand people.
  • The area of ​​available rental objects for placing a business is 15.2 thous. m²

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