Construction of a residential complex «SMART PAVLOGRAD» (Pavlohradska TC)

Project Description

Two land plots located next to each other are proposed for the construction of a modern residential area with developed infrastructure.

Transport infrastructure:

  • international highway М-04 – 1 km;
  • railway station «Pavlohrad 2» – 2.9 km;
  • international airport «Dnipropetrovsk» – 90.3 km;
  • the Samara river – 7 km;
  • the Dnipro river – 80.8 km.

Cooperation mechanism

  • Land lease;

Another cooperation mechanism can be determined by the Pavlohrad city council and the project investor.

Project Initiator

Pavlohrad city council

Project duration

1.5 year – project development + building activity

Project objectives

  • making a profit through the sale and lease of premises to business entities;
  • solve the problem of housing for socially unprotected categories of citizens;
  • increase the general mobility of labor resources and create conditions for stopping the outflow of the population from the city by building affordable housing;
  • expansion of business opportunities and search for new partners;
  • increase in revenue from taxation to the local budget, development of the city’s economy;
  • provision of the city amenities.

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 2 ha

Special purpose: for the construction and maintenance of an apartment building;

Cadastral number: is not assigned;

Steward: Pavlohrad city council

Is available next to the land plots, communications are ready for connection

Additional information

Economic indicators are calculated by the investor depending on the chosen technology and the project for the construction of a residential complex.

Restriction on the number of floors of the residential complex – 9 floors

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