Hydrogen production plant with usage of renewable solar energy (Dniprovska TC)

Project Description

Construction of the plant for production of hydrogen with usage of renewable solar energy and solar panels.

Planned capacity:

  • solar power plant – 95 MW АС;
  • water electrolyzer – 20 MW;
  • storage system – 20 MW.

Annual solar radiation level: 1.332 kWh/kWp.

Key opportunities:

Land plot location near the Dnipro river (800 m) creates a successful combination of the sun and water energy potential  to produce “green” hydrogen.

Transport infrastructure:

  • railway station – 0.5 km;
  • territorial highway, connection Т 0401 – 0.2 km.

Cooperation mechanism

  • own funds – 30%;
  • potential investor – 70%.

Project Initiator


Project duration

2.5 years – development of design documentation, construction of a power plant, electrolyzer and storage system. Expansion work (capacity increase) - another 1.5 years

Project objectives

  • production of electricity from renewable sources;
  • generation of environmentally friendly electricity for further sale via “green” rate;
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.
Project total cost: $140 mln usd

Company resources

Within the framework of the project:

Solar power plant

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 6 land plots with total area of 145 ha;

Special purpose: for placement, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures of facilities of power generating enterprises, institutions and organizations;

Cadastral number: 1210100000:09:237:0051; 1210100000:09:237:0050; 1210100000:09:237:0049; 1210100000:09:237:0048; 1210100000:09:237:0047; 1210100000:09:237:0046.

Steward: communal ownership

Engineering infrastructure header

Water supply

Power supply

Water supply: water-pumping station – 100 m, the Dnipro river – 800 m; power supply: connection to electrical grid 150 kV and 330 kV.

Additional information

The project has a high potential for the developed industries of the region, namely the metallurgical and metal-working industries, mechanical engineering, the military-industrial complex, aircraft construction, the rocket and space industry, the chemical and petrochemical industries, etc., which are ready to introduce the use of green hydrogen in the production process.

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