Modernization of the medical and health complex (Pischanska TC)

Project Description

Expansion of the range of innovative, medical-recreational services of «Sanitarium «HOLIDAY RESORT ORLIVSHCHYNA» LLC by reconstruction of clinical and residential buildings, as well as the construction of a Spa-center with a swimming pool.

Project goals:

  • purchase of new equipment, which will additionally provide 3 types of services and expand 5 existing ones.
  • construction of a Spa-center and swimming pool – 9 additional types services;
  • reconstruction of the clinical building – 4 additional types of services;
  • reconstruction of dormitory №1 to increase 15 in-patient bed.

Transport infrastructure:

  • town Novomoskovsk– 12 km;
  • the city of Dnipro – 45 km;
  • buses depart from Dnipro, Novomoskovsk and the village Orlivshchyna
  • transfer of the sanitorium from Dnipro, Novomoskovsk.

Cooperation mechanism

  • equity;
  • credit line.

Project Initiator

Limited Liability Company Sanatorium "Holiday Resort Orlivshchyna"

Project duration

11 months

Project objectives

Satisfying the demand for innovative, health-improving services in the cold season (October-April) and increasing the amount of private clients receiving spa treatment at their own expense .

Project indicators

Project total cost: $1.7 mln
Company resources: $306 thousd
Required investments: $1.4 mln
Profit index, PI 120 %
Internal rate of return, IRR 17 %
Payback Period, PP 2.7 years

Company resources

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 8 ha

Special purpose: recreation lands

Cadastral number: is assigned

Steward: «Sanitarium «HOLIDAY RESORT ORLIVSHCHYNA» LLC, rent until 2058.

Engineering infrastructure header

Water supply

Gas supply

Power supply

water supply, sewerage system, gas supply, electricity supply – are available and do not require additional investment.

Additional information

Income increase by $730 thousd

Expenses increase by $100 thousd

Net present value will be $630 thousd

The sanitarium is licensed for more than 76 medical activities and has a certificate of the highest accreditation category (ISO quality certificate).

The maximum capacity of the bed fund is 309 in-patient beds, including 293 in-patient beds of year-round operation and 16 beds of seasonal operation. 9 dormitories of the Sanitarium are provided with autonomy heating and all In-room amenities, round-the-clock hot and cold water supply. There are 11 treatment departments.

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