Creation of construction materials manufacture (Nikopolska TC)

Project Description

Creation of production lines of energy saving materials (thermofacade) and the concrete products for urban landscaping (paving slabs, edgings and decorative concrete products).


  • high thermal efficiency (energy resources saving up to 40%);
  • environmental friendliness;
  • wet strength;
  • installation possibility at any time of year and weather (lack of «wet» processes in the work);
  • minimum installation time.

Concrete products for urban landscaping:

  • modern variety of shapes, colors and textures of paving slabs;
  • high-performance characteristic (exploitation life is 15-20 years);
  • resistance to frost and certain chemicals exposure;
  • easy to install and environmentally friendly.

Cooperation mechanism

  • share participation;
  • creation of joint venture.

Project Initiator

Private enterprise «Avigeya-ST»

Project duration

6 months

Project objectives

  • Meeting the demand for the high-quality modern energy-saving materials and the concrete products for urban landscaping.

Project indicators

Required investments: $2.2 mln
Net Present Value, NPV $3 mln
Profit index, PI 1.36 %
Internal rate of return, IRR 46 %
Payback Period, PP 2.7 years
EBITDA $800 thousd

Company resources

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: total area of three buildings: 2.3 thousd. m²;

Special purpose: enterprises land plots;

Cadastral number: 1222986000:01:027:0432

Steward: Plant «Mechanik», PJSC.

Engineering infrastructure header

Water supply

Gas supply

Power supply

gas, water, sewage, electricity are available on the territory of the plant.

Additional information

Own floating assets of the enterprise – $100 thousd.

Transport infrastructure:

  • highway H-23  ̶  0.5 km;
  • railway station Nikopol  ̶  3.6 km;
  • river port  ̶  7.2 km.

PE «Avigeya-ST» is a successful young construction company with its own paving slabs and tiles production «Thermofacade».

Energy modernization and energy efficiency are important areas in construction that are supported by the government and local authorities.