Property complex: mine (Mykolaivska TC)


The property complex of the mine named after N. I. Stashkov is offered
with all the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure for the production location, including 63 buildings and structures such as:

  • administrative and amenity complex with an area of 13 978 m²;
  • warehouses for bulk materials with volume of 6 thousd. tons with feed-and-removal mechanisms;
  • railroad loading facility;
  • asphalt concrete approach automotive road;
  • own electrical substation.

Cooperation mechanism


Logistic infrastructure

  • the city of Pavlohrad – 37.6 km (through Е50) and the city of Dnipro – 110 km (through Е50)
  • auto routes:

Е50– 7.4 km (European route);

Р51– 36.2 km (runs through the territory of Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions and through Merefa — Lozova — Pavlohrad);

Т0427– 7.4 km (runs through the territory of Synelnykove district).

  • railway line (PavlohradPokrovsk) runs through the land plot and connects two nearest operating mines – «Dniprovska» and «Samarska»;
  • «Dnipro» international airport – 126 km (through Е50);
  • Dnipropetrovsk river port – 113 km (through Е50).

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 51 ha

Special purpose: industry

Cadastral number: 1223883700:01:001:1662

Steward: lease agreement PJSC «DTEK Pavlogradvugillya»

Engineering infrastructure header

Water supply

Power supply

Power supply: electrical substation 35/6 kV with 4 supply transformers TMN 6300/35 with a capacity of 6.3 MVA each. Drinking water supply: connection to water conduit «Dnipro-West Donbass» with water volume of 1440 m³ per day. Service water supply: usage of mine waters. Water disposal: containment pond of balka «Taranova». Heating system: boiler house - 31.58 Gcal per hour (2 steam boilers: КЕ-25-14С, КЕ-6,5-14. Fuel for boiler house – coal of rank DGR-200) Ventilation system is available.

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