Property complex: mine (Verbkivska TC)


The property complex of «Blagodatna» mine is offered.
The complex is provided with all the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure for production location, including:

  • 34 buildings and constructions, as well as administrative and amenity building with area of 7 461.8 m²;
  • railroad platform;
  • approach automotive road which joins the property complex with М 30 highway;
  • own electrical substation.

Cooperation mechanism


Logistic infrastructure

  • the city of Pavlohrad – 10 km (through М30) and the city of Dnipro – 80 km (through М30)
  • auto routes:

М30- 14 km (Znamenka-Luhansk-Izvaryno);

Р51- 5 km (runs through the territory of Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions, through Merefa – Lozova – Pavlohrad);

approach automotive road to the complex is available.

  • railway track on the territory (way out to the «Aromatna» and «Pavlohrad 1 and 2»);
  • «Dnipro» airport – 100 km (through М30);
  • Dnipropetrovsk river port – 87 km (through М30);
  • Berdiansk commercial seaport -265 km (through Т0815).

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 127.5 ha

Special purpose: 76.7 ha - industry land

Cadastral number: 1223582800:01:003:0608

Steward: lease agreement PJSC «DTEK Pavlogradvugillya»

Engineering infrastructure header

Water supply

Power supply

Power supply: Electrical substation «Blagodatna» 6/04 kV Drinking water supply: connection to water conduit «Dnipro-Western Donbass» with water volume of 1440 m³ per day; 2 boreholes. Service water supply: usage of mine waters. Water disposal: containment pond of balka «Taranova». Ventilation system is available.

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