Industrial and administrative building (Zhovtovodska TC)


An industrial and administrative building with a provided engineering infrastructure for the production location is offered, including:

  • production facilities with an area of 10017 m²;
  • administrative and amenity premises (3 floors) with total area of 3 786 m²;
  • access asphalt-concrete road, 4 m wide;
  • own transformer substation.

Cooperation mechanism

share participation; joint venture; long lease; sale of shares.

Logistic infrastructure

  • national-level arterial road, connection with national highway Н 08 – 18 km;
  • railway station «Zhovti Vody 2» – 3 km;
  • the nearest airport «Kryvyi Rih» – 75 km, distance to administrative center, the city of Dnipro – 130 km.

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 1.6941 ha

Special purpose: industry

Cadastral number: 1210700000:01:321:0017

Steward: «Engineering company «KRIPTO» LLC rental agreement

Engineering infrastructure header

Water supply

Gas supply

Power supply

Power supply: 290 kWh, reserve ─ 1.3 MWh, Water supply: 1.5 m3/hour, reserve ─ 10 m3/hour Water disposal: 1.5 m3/hour. Gas supply: is available on the territory Heating system: n/a; Ventilation system: - natural intake-exhaust ventilation system; - forced air compressors Internet 100 Mb/s. Lighting LED 55% and luminescent 45%.

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