Production and logistics complex (Tomakivska TC)


Working food production complex is offered.

The complex includes:

  • a building with an area of ≈ 1700 m²;
  • regulated laboratory;
  • a land plot with an area of 0.7 ha;
  • two approach asphalt driveways to the territory of the complex.

The complex can be used as a warehouse/distillery/fodder production or production of other concentrates (a cistern with a volume of 25 cubic meters and a heated mixer are available).

At the moment, the enterprise is engaged in the processing of honey and its subsequent export to the EU and USA (HACCP is available).

Cooperation mechanism

sale of property; sale of equity rights.

Logistic infrastructure

  • territorial highway: Т0420 0.1 km, international highway: Н23 1 km;
  • railway station «Myrova» 4.3 km;
  • the city of Dnipro 90 km, the city of Zaporizhzhia 21 km.

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 0.7 ha

Special purpose: for other agricultural purposes

Cadastral number: 1225455100:03:003:0327

Steward: Tomakivska TC

Engineering infrastructure header

Water supply

Gas supply

Power supply

Power supply: own electrical substation with a capacity of 250 kW per hour is located on the territory of the complex. Water supply/disposal: centralized. Gas supply: is available on the territory of the complex. Heating system: electric. Ventilation system: is available.

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