Development of ferruginous hematite quartzites deposit (Novolativska TC)

Project Description

For the implementation of this project, a permit for the use of subsoil (license) for 2 hematite ore deposits is proposed for sale. The objects are located in the Dnipropetrovsk region, all land issues are approved. At the moment, design work is underway to develop a quarry and a mine allotment project is being developed.

Project milestones:

  1. Development of a land management project, conclusion of a lease agreement.
  2. Development of construction documents. (it is possible to carry out in parallel with the beginning of work).
  3. Ferruginous hematite quartzites conservation – with the beginning of work and is included in the cost of goods.
  4. Registration of drilling and blasting operations.
  5. Rent of the necessary equipment.
  6. Construction of the surface complex.
  7. Section of separation.
  8. Stripping works.

Cooperation mechanism

  • share participation
  • joint venture
  • 100% sale/lease
  • credit funds

Project Initiator

«Shid Rud Trade» LLC

Project duration

10.8 years

Company resources

Special permission for the use of subsoil №6298 of 29.11.2018, permit duration – 15 years.

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 34.4 ha

Special purpose: for ancillary agriculture

Cadastral number: 1225885500:05:010:0002 (nearest)

Steward: communal ownership

Engineering infrastructure header

Газоснабжение, Электроснабжение

Gas-distributing plant with reserve capacity of 957.4 cubic meters per hour is located at a distance of less than 5 km; «Novolativska» substation 35/10 with nominal capacity of 2×4000 kVA is located at a distance of less than 3 km.

Additional information

On the area of ​​the Lativka site, the reserves of hematite quartzites of the C2 category were calculated in the amount of 10870.0 thousand tons, including 4839.0 thousand tons at the Lativka North section, 6031.0 thousand tons at the Lativka South section. The total reserves of jointly occurring minerals (limestone) amounted to 7877 thousand tons, including the Lativka North 151 thousand tons, and the Lativka South – 7726 thousand tons.

  • Environmental constraints and requirements:

Annual radiation monitoring of the deposit.

Transport infrastructure:

  • territorial highway Т 0411 – 13.1 km;
  • Regional highway Р74 – 9.6 km;
  • «Kryvyi Rih» international airport – 48.9 km;
  • railway station «6 km» – 10 km;
  • the Inhulets river – less than 1 km;
  • the city of Dnipro – 172 км;
  • the city of Kryvyi Rih – 26.8 km;
  • the city of Marhanets – 147 km;
  • the city of Nikopol – 120 km.

Neighboring land plots: quarry dumps, treeline, quarry lakes.