Ecopark for the production of “green” hydrogen using renewable energy (Zelenodolska TC)

Project Description

The project provides for the creation of an industrial park for the production of “green” hydrogen using renewable energy in the water area of ​​the Kakhovske reservoir.

Project parameters:

  • To accommodate more than 200 wind turbines and solar panels, 210 km2 will be used in the water area of ​​the Kakhovske reservoir.

Total power of turbines and solar panels: 4.7 GW (1.2 wind + 3.5 sun).

Total capacity of electrolyzers: 1.95 GW.

The planned volume of hydrogen production is 200 thousand tons per year.

Experts note that “green hydrogen” has every chance to enter the TOP-3 of the most exported goods, along with products of metallurgy and agriculture.

Stage 1 – 2022-2023

(construction of hydrogen plant facilities; 0.3 MW – wind, 0.4 MW – sun)

Stage 2 – 2024-2025

(construction 0.4 MW – wind, 1 GW – sun)

Stage 3 – 2026-2027

(construction of 0.5 MW – wind, 2.1 GW – sun)

Cooperation mechanism

  • joint implementation of a project with an investor

Project Initiator

"River Wind Ukraine" LLC

Project duration

6 years

Project objectives

  • production of electricity from renewable sources;
  • the possibility of selling hydrogen using transit gas pipelines in the region and the country;
  • the ability to provide hydrogen to metallurgical enterprises that produce industrial products, as well as energy companies that generate electricity, to use hydrogen as a fuel in order to reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere;

Technical parameters

Land plot

Square: 2150 km2

Engineering infrastructure header

Additional information

The placement of wind generators, as well as solar panels, is planned on the surface of the water. The area and climatic conditions of the reservoir allow planning the placement of more than 200 wind generators on its territory.

Distance to the nearest settlements:

Nikopol – 30 km, Kryvyi Rih – 65 km, Zaporozhye – 90 km, Dnieper – 130 km.

Transforming green energy into renewable hydrogen is the most sustainable solution for preserving the environment and using safe energy resources. In Ukraine, as well as in the Dnipropetrovsk region, there is a developed system of gas pipelines, as well as the necessary engineering infrastructure, which can be used for the further sale of hydrogen.